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Honoring India\’s Storied History of Artistry!

Sustainable Clothing Celebrating Indian Cottons and Prints.

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Gold tree

A true celebration of the talent and craftsmanship held in Indian textiles, Gold Tree is the largest retailer of ethnic wear in India, with a curated collection, carefully handpicked by expert artisans. The assortment of beautiful clothing on display is diverse and rich, reflecting our love for India’s celebrated talent. Our products are a glorious representation of the heritage of Indian textiles, blended with modern techniques to create artistry of the future. Help us preserve our tradition and culture, with elegant ethnic wear that’s unique, high quality, and carefully sourced from the choicest of local artisans.

What We Stand For?

As the visionary behind Goldtree, my passion and dedication lie in preserving and celebrating the timeless artistry of Indian craftsmanship while embracing modern luxury. 

Our vision at Goldtree transcends mere clothing; it\’s about weaving a narrative that intertwines the rich heritage of India\’s artisanal legacy with contemporary elegance. We aspire to be more than just a fashion label; we aim to be a custodian of tradition, a bridge between the past and the future.

We wish to continue inspiring, creating, and evolving while staying rooted in our heritage—a vision where Goldtree becomes a cherished part of every modern-day woman\’s wardrobe, representing not just fashion but a celebration of India\’s cultural magnificence.



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Sustainable Threads Weaving Style and Responsibility Together.


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Vibrant Prints That Stand the Test of Time, Infusing Life into Fashion.


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